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Yesterday I decided to mix up my daily question as well as my process.  I did an intuitive read with the Soul Trees cards and then shuffled the Deva Tarot deck until three cards popped out.  (They are big, thick cards that could protect you from hail, shuffling carefully is a must.)


The question: “What can I do to feel more fulfilled?”

The reading was pretty straightforward energetically.  Clearly I need to take charge, make changes, draw on inner power, and take the next step on some things I’ve been planning.  But I wanted a little more direction, so I got some cards from the Deva deck.  The Triax cards all pointed to higher self, making ideas into a reality.  And then, I got to the 7 of Cups.  In the Deva deck, the 7 of Cups means that you have allowed pollution to enter into your life and your thoughts.  And the pollution is keeping you from moving forward.

Heavy.  But a good reminder that if you want to make positive changes, you have to assess what’s holding you back.  It was definitely food for thought for today.