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The tarot scares the hell out of me sometimes.  I’m a skeptical witch, and I tell anyone worried about meddling with dark forces that they’re just cards.  For me, tarot is a therapeutic tool that cuts through my brain mess.  But every once in a while I read for myself and it makes my head swim because it’s showing me exactly what’s going on.

I’ve been dealing with a question for a long time, too long, really.  And so I asked the Deva tarot what I need to know that I don’t know.  And now I feel like I need to take a nap because the tarot peered into my soul and showed me the highlights.


1 – Ace of Wands – new beginning

2 – 8 of Swords – interference, hostility, escalating anger

3 – 6 of wands – perfect handling of the situation (that was the only surprise)

4&5 – Knight and Princess of Cups – not letting emotions run away with themselves and obscure the situation

6 – The Priestess – the situation is resolvable when you realize that the problems are illusory

7 – 8 of disks – be brave and face the worst

8 – 4 of disks – clouded issues

9 – the 5 of Swords – This card.  Has shown up.  EVERY.  TIME.  I.  ASK. ABOUT.  THIS.  SITUATION.  This is the card that made me believe in the tarot.  It has shown up in 7 consecutive readings about this situation, and does not show up otherwise.  I calculated the hypergeometric probability of this happening, and it’s one in 2 million.

10 – 8 of wands – hidden activity, allow things to progress naturally or they will explode

11 – 1 of disks – “Through the unseen there is another world that awaits you.  Take the risk.  Nothing is ever gained without taking a chance.”

I need some chocolate and a nap.  Have you ever done a reading that knocked you right on your ass?  I can’t be the only one.