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It’s too easy for me to get into my own head and stay there, rooting around, turning over the same rocks, hoping for answers.  Thankfully, I know a lot of people who are wise and intuitive, and share those gifts with me.


I pulled the 5 of Swords again, and I asked my friend Allyson about it.  She made the beautiful Soul Trees deck that I use when I need intuitive guidance, asked me what my intentions were.  She thinks I could be pulling the 5 of Swords from the deck, that it represents my power and fear, rather than what is happening.  And then I realized that it’s certainly what I think is going on in the situation, and might not actually be going on.

Also worth noting is that in my Egyptian deck, the 5 of Swords symbolizes a power struggle, being overpowered by someone stronger, feeling humiliated.  In the Deva deck (which I call my witch cards, I love them), the 5 of Swords symbolizes potential for action.  All that’s necessary is seeking the path.  The ability for the thing to happen is there, it just needs the right space to happen.  This falls in line better with the other cards (especially the Queen of Wands), and the other positive readings it shows up in.

It’s always good to remember that sometimes the thing is not the thing, it is a symbol for something else entirely.