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The November full moon is the Mourning Moon, a time to reflect and release everything that isn’t working for you.  This can be people, things, or thought patterns.

I did a short reading for myself and asked what my message was for the Mourning Moon.


10 of Cups, reversed – the situations has deteriorated to the point that what little bit was in the cups is absolutely dripping out.  A shallowness of experience and a shallowness of commitment.  The beauty and sweetness are on the surface and do not go deep.

High Priestess – Using your inner spirit as guidance, the higher self, recognize that the situation is resolvable only when you realize that the obstacles are mere illusion.  Thinking of them gives them weight; hanging onto them makes them solid

6 of Swords – The chaos of energies, thoughts, and ideas have been crystallized and put together into a pattern, and very successfully so.  Completion; order; and organization.

For me, the priestess is the focal point of this reality between what I think is going on in my life (10 of cups), and what is actually going on in my life (6 of swords).  And that maybe my ideas about what’s going on are not useful, and that’s what I should release tonight.  I’ve got my apache tears to take all that sorrow tonight.

For anyone who needs to do some ritual work to cut the ties with someone toxic, there’s a strong ritual here.  For anyone who needs to just ties with negative patterns of behavior, this site recommends writing all your worries down and imagining them being washed away by water.

Regardless of what you need to release, the focus tonight should be about all the positive, affirming things that you’re going to do for yourself to replace the old negative patterns.  This is a time to take care of yourself and move forward.