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The Tower terrifies me.  It doesn’t herald ruination like the 10 of Swords, but it does indicate sudden change.  Change I like.  Sudden change makes me uncomfortable.

I asked a question that’s been weighing on me for a while.  It’s one of those things that’s been percolating for too long.  And the tarot, while occasionally obscure, was pretty direct with me.  The Hanged Man can have varied interpretations, but in this tarot deck it represents a choice.  It this reading, it sits right in the middle, and I think it shows me my two options.  I can languish with the way things are, unhappy and unchanging (4 of Cups and The Hierophant), or I be the Kali-like Queen of Swords and do the thing I’ve been putting off.

I asked for 5 cards, but took a peek at the flip–The Sun–just for a little indication of what the sudden changes would bring.  My hope is that facing the thing that I don’t want to do will lead to a brighter year.