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Today I asked the tarot what I need to know that I don’t know.  And it showed a card that used to visit me often, the 5 of Swords.  Have you ever known someone you feel like you’re in a constant power struggle with?  I know exactly the person the card refers to.  However, this time it came in a completely different context.


Much like my previous reading, this one told me a story.  The 4 of Wands showed me that the power struggle of the previous card is coming to an end.  All of that energy has been released and set aside, and the result is the one I had hoped for.  The Princess of Disks and the Ace of Disks support each other in the reading.  Now that my energy is no longer diverted into a toxic situation, I can make good use of my skills and make a prosperous life for myself.  In case that wasn’t enough reassurance, I pulled the 3rd Chakra card from my Soul Trees deck, showing that I can change my life through my actions.

I’ve been making a lot of changes to my business, and pouring a lot of time and energy into a project I hope will pay off.  If the reading is any indication, I just need to keep at it and good things will happen.