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Today I got some sad news about an art fair I was hoping to get into, so I immediately asked the tarot ,”Will I be okay?” okay.JPG

And thankfully I got a little bit of reassurance.  The Ace of Swords is a great card for fortitude in the face of tough times.  It lets me know that I can survive the challenges if I face them with courage.  Justice lets me know that I need to take care of past affairs, face my previous mistakes, and make changes if I want things to be different.  Three of Cups offers an indication of seeking support or offering help to a community, while the 5 of Triax affirms that things are in balance (even if they don’t feel like it now).

Overall, I think it was a good spread.  Considering that I was expecting to see a lot of negative pentacles/disks cards, I think I just need to keep calm, keep working, and it’s all going to work out fine.