I usually consult the cards about general life questions, or lately, about my business and directions I should go in.  Today, snowed in by un-Spring-ly weather, I decided to ask the cards something light, what’s my personal life going to look like in the next 6 months.


I’m trying to bring more balance in my life, and that involves being social and taking care of myself rather than just putting my nose to the grindstone all the time.  The Princess of Wands speaks to being creative, confident, and enthusiastic.  It also speaks to taking a risk, and overcoming fears.

The Two of Cups is a nice portent for relationships, but also serves as a warning not to let any connection wall me off from the rest of the world.  The Emperor and the Princess of Cups I find interesting next to each other because the Emperor is all about structure and control while the Princess of Cups is emotional, intuitive, and loving.

Since I asked for five cards, the reading ended with the Five of Cups, which speaks to loss.  I was initially upset because I thought it meant that even in spite of the general contentment of the reading, things would end poorly.  So I asked the cards for clarification, and the Three of Cups showed up.  I think ultimately this means that things will be great, but I’ll need to work on healing old wounds in order to truly enjoy it.

I’m glad the snow day got me in front of my cards. I’m looking forward to having fun in the months ahead.