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Tonight is the New Supermoon in Aries, and it’s a doozy.  If all the eclipses in March meant to bring all the shadow aspects to the surface and shake apart everything that wasn’t working for us in that bad-feeling but good karma Kali way, then this moon is about giving us the strength to make the changes that we need to.

I asked the cards for my message for the new moon.  And I brought my hyacinth macaw feather with me since it’s been jumping off my altar at me the last several times I’ve grabbed my tarot cards, and the newly-made Kali tarot bag.


While I was initially scared off by the Nine of Swords and Prince of Swords, I like to think that the message is about the power and change that are arriving with this new moon.  I think that the Fool and the Ace of Swords are bursting forth and casting off the negativity and worry of the Prince of Swords and the Nine of Swords.  Now is a time for action and new choices.  This is a time for beginnings, and to face challenges with courage.

I’m looking forward to the magic that lies ahead.