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I asked the cards what I need to know about my business for the week.


The 5 of Disks and 10 of Wands bookend the reading, which of course reflects the general malaise I feel around tax time.  Being an entrepreneur is always rough when you think, “I have to write a check for how much?”  So it’s not a surprise that it comes through here.

The Hermit is no surprise either since I’ll have my nose to the grindstone for the next couple days, but the Princess of Wands is a nice reminder to be confident and courageous.  And my pull from Ethony’s money manifestation deck is a good mantra to read and re-read.  It’s easy for me to contract and feel small this time of year, and I need to re-wire my neural pathways to accept abundance.

The last pull was from my Phoenix Cards.  I got the Mayan jaguar priest, a card that calls us to use our unusual knowledge for the good of others.  And just this morning one of my best friends called to brainstorm tarot-reading events in the near future, so hopefully once I get through the stress of this week, I’ll be able to think seriously about offering readings and workshops in the future.