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I love my Deva tarot cards.  All of my decks bring my joy, but these feel like my witch cards.  I feel like Dion Fortune could have read with these cards.

I asked them, “What’s my message for the full moon in Scorpio?”  And I got a doozy of an answer.


The pairing of The Devil and Strength at the beginning of the reading show the dynamic of this particular lunar event.  The influence of Scorpio is embodied in The Devil–primal desires, the search for deeper knowledge–it’s the full glory of the Dionysian.  There is also runs the risk of indulging in dissolution and decay.

Strength shows up immediately after, reflecting the opposition the Scorpio moon has with the sun in Taurus.  It’s saying, “Hey, when you’re done with all that death and decay, let’s get back to the good work, okay?”  This is a time to cast off all the things that are holding you back.  Allow what is decadent to rot and fall away from you and find your power.  The interpretation for Strength in this deck says, “through purity and spirituality, the dragons of this life can be easily overcome.”  This is a time for taking overcoming the dragons (and devils) in your life.

This power is reinforced in the 8 of Wands and the Princess of Swords.  The 8 of Wands hints at activity going on beneath the surface, allowing things to happen in their natural way lest they explode.  And the Princess of Swords interpretation in this deck is simple and direct: “Take control of the situation.  Make a special effort to direct and organize communications.”  This is a time of actively releasing, of choosing better and differently.

The second row reminded me immediately of the Burney Relief (posted below), where Lilith/Inanna stands on the backs of two beasts, and is flanked by owls.  Here, the Queen of Wands is flanked by two wild men: the Knight of Cups, who can get too caught up in emotions, and the Knight of Swords, who can get too caught up in his mind.  The Queen of Wands stands firm between them, asserting her power.  She embodies mastery of the emotions and the mind, control over fire and the self.

This is a beautiful, dark, magical time to not just allow for transformation, but to take control and release negative patterns and behavior.