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I’ve been trying to incorporate more practical magic into my daily life by turning ordinary actions into rituals.  I believe that if you can tap into your own worth and power, you can transform your life.  In a world where most of us are taught not to value ourselves, the ritual work and objects are external intermediaries to help you blossom.

A couple years ago, a close friend of mine asked me to make a custom piece for her.  She had helped fund a passion project of mine and we’d finally come to an agreement about what her piece would be.  A few months later, very strangely, we had a falling out and stopped talking to each other.  And the partly finished piece sat in a bag on my kitchen counter for a year and a half.

I believe, very firmly, that if you’re in a situation, relationship, friendship, job, whatever that you don’t want to be in, you accrue bad karma.  And this literal bag of bad karma was messing with my energy.  Yesterday, I forced myself to spend 8 hours finishing up the piece.  And as I worked on it, I kept telling myself, “I will finish this and mail it out and clear up whatever this is blocking in me.”  It never feels good to owe someone something, and it was unfair for me to ignore it because I didn’t want to deal with how such a close friendship collapsed so completely.

I can’t begin to describe the sheer joy when I put that finished project in the mail to her today.  Even though I haven’t spoken to her in months, I sent a card saying goodbye and wishing her well.  And even though I’ve been stalling out on working on my vision board and new altar space, today I’m finally assembling the pieces that I want to use as a vision to guide the rest of this year.  It was a joy to get that piece out the door, but even nicer to feel like I had done some internal work to get big magic flowing again.