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I rarely feel like I’m doing enough.  I hold myself to unreasonable standards.  I know that intellectually, but I’m only starting to get it emotionally.

I spoke with an old friend of mine about how I feel like failure and that I’m not doing enough.  She said that she was willing to kick my ass if I needed it.  So she asked me if I was avoiding work (no), if I was taking care of myself (yes, daily exercise and eating better), and then she finally said: “Do you need an ass kicking or are you just being too hard on yourself?”

And I couldn’t stop laughing because she was right.  I’m currently in the process of designing two new jewelry lines based on astrology and tarot, adding products to my websites, planning two major teaching events out of town, and working out the logistics for my tarot/coaching business.  And somehow I thought this was not enough.

So I asked for my message for the day, and the Soul Trees tarot gave me a message I keep hearing: Allow and Honor Yourself.  The bright colors encourage me to be joyful and not judgmental about the path I’m on in life.  Change is coming, and for the better, and it’ll be a lot easier if I enjoy this time of new possibilities instead of worrying about it.soultrees