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I’ve been reading through Wishcraft by Barbara Sher.  I like the book so far because it offers practical advice for achieving one’s goals.  In fact, she does a really great job of showing how to break down seemingly impossible goals into actionable steps.

I asked the tarot what message it had for the week ahead.  And it ties into what Barbara Sher writes about.choosingjoy.JPG

The Ace of Wands is flanked by the 9 of Cups and the 3 of Swords.  The clarification card is the 3 of Disks.  Whenever I see two cards with opposite meanings, I look to the center card in order to see the interpretation.  And here, I think it illustrates the struggle between wishes being fulfilled (9 of Cups), and feelings of betrayal and disappointment (3 of Swords).  What makes the difference?  The Ace of Wands: creativity, courage, and confidence.

In Wishcraft, Barbara Sher also talks about the importance of support–of finding your people and working with the right network to make your dreams a reality.  And here the fourth pull is the 3 of Disks, which focuses on planning, teamwork, and building the foundations for real success.  Here’s hoping we’re all on the path of finding our people and working towards fulfillment and happiness.