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Yesterday was the full moon in Sagitarrius.  The Elephant Journal wrote a great article about how this full moon is all about limitless possibilities.  And so I asked the cards what my full moon message was.


Strength shows up first, and paired with Queen of Swords gives the message of being direct, bold, honest.  And the Soul Trees message for this pair amplifies this.  Exuberance: excitement about the possibilities for the future.

The Queen of Disks and the Princess of Cups appear together and are paired with “Heal Your Heart”.  The Queen of Disks shows warmth, generosity, kindness, and nurturance.  And the Princess of Cups shows up promising love.  Being open is the message of the day, being honest and receptive to the possibilities of love and healing all of the old hurt.  But Queen of Swords and Strength are a reminder that if you see an opportunity, you have to take it.  Now is not a time to sit back and wait, but move forward with an open and ready heart.