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A friend I haven’t seen in a while asked me if would be willing to do a tarot reading for her over the phone.  I was nervous to do it, because all the readings I’ve done before have been in person.  I like when people hold the cards with their question and shuffle their energy into the deck until it feels done.  This time I had to shuffle the cards on my own.  I had to listen to my instincts when the cards felt done and hope that I was right.

I was relieved when she told me how the cards not only resonated with her, but were completely in line with things that her astrologer and her spiritual teacher told her about her life and the next steps she needs to take.  Moreover, she told me that she really needed some inspiration since she had been feeling weepy and closed off today and that the reading gave her some much needed hope for the future.

It got me thinking about how we limit ourselves due to fear and a sense of unworthiness.  My friend has known for years that she needs to leave her job since she’s not challenged and feels miserable, but she hasn’t done it because she’s scared of taking the next step in her life.  I’ve been afraid to expand my tarot practice because I didn’t feel experienced enough to do phone readings or emailed readings.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hear my intuition, or follow it.  But my friend had faith in me, and that gave me the confidence to do it.  And while I’d like to do a few more low-pressure phone readings before I start offering it, it was a boost to my confidence and my ability to let the cards tell people what they need to hear.

The more I reconnect with a spiritual practice, the more confidence I have that there is real magic in this world.  I might not know how it works, but I know it does.