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What I love most about the cards is that they show me what I’m not able to give words to.  I’m in the process of developing a couple new lines of jewelry while preparing to teach out of town in the next couple weeks, and I had a really productive day.  But I was also really stressed out.  I asked the cards for today’s message, and it was good for me to step back and look at what I’m doing.


The Ancient Egyptian tarot gave me the Nine of Disks, the Prince of Disks, and the Nine of Swords.  The Nine of Disks indicates gifts out of the blue, self-discipline, good luck, and artistic refinement.  The Nine of Swords on the other hand, indicates suffering, not just from external factors, but internal ones.  And sitting between is the Prince of Disks: disciplined but stubborn, thorough but obsessive, and practical but pessimistic.

It was no surprise then, that I pulled “Stuck” from the Soul Trees deck.  I frequently worry that things won’t work out.  I love taking smart risks in my business but I’m also hesitant to put too much energy into something if it won’t have a tangible reward.

The card from the Phoenix Cards deck was the Romani Amulet.  One paragraph in the interpretation stood out to me, “you are versatile and receptive, but you need to be aware that maintaining too many interests can preclude your success in any one.”  It also spoke to a lack of confidence in fleshing out creative ideas.

It was a good reminder that I can continue to torture myself about doing things the “right” way, or I can just do something and adapt as I go.  I believe very firmly that momentum will put you in the place that you should be, and things only stop working when you stop working on them.