Ritual release


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I’ve been trying to incorporate more practical magic into my daily life by turning ordinary actions into rituals.  I believe that if you can tap into your own worth and power, you can transform your life.  In a world where most of us are taught not to value ourselves, the ritual work and objects are external intermediaries to help you blossom.

A couple years ago, a close friend of mine asked me to make a custom piece for her.  She had helped fund a passion project of mine and we’d finally come to an agreement about what her piece would be.  A few months later, very strangely, we had a falling out and stopped talking to each other.  And the partly finished piece sat in a bag on my kitchen counter for a year and a half.

I believe, very firmly, that if you’re in a situation, relationship, friendship, job, whatever that you don’t want to be in, you accrue bad karma.  And this literal bag of bad karma was messing with my energy.  Yesterday, I forced myself to spend 8 hours finishing up the piece.  And as I worked on it, I kept telling myself, “I will finish this and mail it out and clear up whatever this is blocking in me.”  It never feels good to owe someone something, and it was unfair for me to ignore it because I didn’t want to deal with how such a close friendship collapsed so completely.

I can’t begin to describe the sheer joy when I put that finished project in the mail to her today.  Even though I haven’t spoken to her in months, I sent a card saying goodbye and wishing her well.  And even though I’ve been stalling out on working on my vision board and new altar space, today I’m finally assembling the pieces that I want to use as a vision to guide the rest of this year.  It was a joy to get that piece out the door, but even nicer to feel like I had done some internal work to get big magic flowing again.


Scorpio Full Moon Message


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I love my Deva tarot cards.  All of my decks bring my joy, but these feel like my witch cards.  I feel like Dion Fortune could have read with these cards.

I asked them, “What’s my message for the full moon in Scorpio?”  And I got a doozy of an answer.


The pairing of The Devil and Strength at the beginning of the reading show the dynamic of this particular lunar event.  The influence of Scorpio is embodied in The Devil–primal desires, the search for deeper knowledge–it’s the full glory of the Dionysian.  There is also runs the risk of indulging in dissolution and decay.

Strength shows up immediately after, reflecting the opposition the Scorpio moon has with the sun in Taurus.  It’s saying, “Hey, when you’re done with all that death and decay, let’s get back to the good work, okay?”  This is a time to cast off all the things that are holding you back.  Allow what is decadent to rot and fall away from you and find your power.  The interpretation for Strength in this deck says, “through purity and spirituality, the dragons of this life can be easily overcome.”  This is a time for taking overcoming the dragons (and devils) in your life.

This power is reinforced in the 8 of Wands and the Princess of Swords.  The 8 of Wands hints at activity going on beneath the surface, allowing things to happen in their natural way lest they explode.  And the Princess of Swords interpretation in this deck is simple and direct: “Take control of the situation.  Make a special effort to direct and organize communications.”  This is a time of actively releasing, of choosing better and differently.

The second row reminded me immediately of the Burney Relief (posted below), where Lilith/Inanna stands on the backs of two beasts, and is flanked by owls.  Here, the Queen of Wands is flanked by two wild men: the Knight of Cups, who can get too caught up in emotions, and the Knight of Swords, who can get too caught up in his mind.  The Queen of Wands stands firm between them, asserting her power.  She embodies mastery of the emotions and the mind, control over fire and the self.

This is a beautiful, dark, magical time to not just allow for transformation, but to take control and release negative patterns and behavior.


Soul Trees message for this week


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Last week was stressful, and I only now feel like I’ve recovered.  So I wanted to know what I should focus on for the week ahead.messagefortheweek.JPG

The Soul Trees reading started off with “Initiative”.  There are several things I’d like to accomplish this week and I have to take charge if I want to see them come to life.

Rebirth and Transition–I keep getting cards about new growth and change, and I think Just Be and Be Open are telling me to stop resisting all of the shifts that are occurring in my life.

And Treat Yourself… that’s shown up twice lately.  I’ve been unhappy and listless for about a year and a half, and I only realized it recently.  And part of the reason I’ve been happier is that I’ve been taking greater ownership of my choices.  I also recently stopped spending as much time with a group of friends who are on a different path in life.  That’s been difficult, but it’s been necessary to move forward.  But I like the reminder to be kind to myself, since I can be a taskmaster in my own life.

I also hope the nice weather holds so I can treat myself with a walk to the lakefront!  It’s been so energizing to be in the sun.

A message for the restless


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I feel like I should always be working.  Even if I put 17 hours into my business in one day and am near non-functional the next, I still feel like I should accomplishing something–anything–on that non-functional day.  So I asked my Soul Trees deck what I should focus on, and it basically told me to chill out for today.


And so I listened, and treated myself to coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time and we ended up talking–very unexpectedly–about workshop opportunities.  It reminded me of an article I read in the Huffington Post the other day about allowing things to be as they are.  To allow for the cosmic forces to work on their own time.  Because when you stop forcing things to go where then shouldn’t when they shouldn’t, you open yourself up to experiencing better things at the right time.

Business Advice


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I asked the cards what I need to know about my business for the week.


The 5 of Disks and 10 of Wands bookend the reading, which of course reflects the general malaise I feel around tax time.  Being an entrepreneur is always rough when you think, “I have to write a check for how much?”  So it’s not a surprise that it comes through here.

The Hermit is no surprise either since I’ll have my nose to the grindstone for the next couple days, but the Princess of Wands is a nice reminder to be confident and courageous.  And my pull from Ethony’s money manifestation deck is a good mantra to read and re-read.  It’s easy for me to contract and feel small this time of year, and I need to re-wire my neural pathways to accept abundance.

The last pull was from my Phoenix Cards.  I got the Mayan jaguar priest, a card that calls us to use our unusual knowledge for the good of others.  And just this morning one of my best friends called to brainstorm tarot-reading events in the near future, so hopefully once I get through the stress of this week, I’ll be able to think seriously about offering readings and workshops in the future.

New Moon Message


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Tonight is the New Supermoon in Aries, and it’s a doozy.  If all the eclipses in March meant to bring all the shadow aspects to the surface and shake apart everything that wasn’t working for us in that bad-feeling but good karma Kali way, then this moon is about giving us the strength to make the changes that we need to.

I asked the cards for my message for the new moon.  And I brought my hyacinth macaw feather with me since it’s been jumping off my altar at me the last several times I’ve grabbed my tarot cards, and the newly-made Kali tarot bag.


While I was initially scared off by the Nine of Swords and Prince of Swords, I like to think that the message is about the power and change that are arriving with this new moon.  I think that the Fool and the Ace of Swords are bursting forth and casting off the negativity and worry of the Prince of Swords and the Nine of Swords.  Now is a time for action and new choices.  This is a time for beginnings, and to face challenges with courage.

I’m looking forward to the magic that lies ahead.

Cups for days

I usually consult the cards about general life questions, or lately, about my business and directions I should go in.  Today, snowed in by un-Spring-ly weather, I decided to ask the cards something light, what’s my personal life going to look like in the next 6 months.


I’m trying to bring more balance in my life, and that involves being social and taking care of myself rather than just putting my nose to the grindstone all the time.  The Princess of Wands speaks to being creative, confident, and enthusiastic.  It also speaks to taking a risk, and overcoming fears.

The Two of Cups is a nice portent for relationships, but also serves as a warning not to let any connection wall me off from the rest of the world.  The Emperor and the Princess of Cups I find interesting next to each other because the Emperor is all about structure and control while the Princess of Cups is emotional, intuitive, and loving.

Since I asked for five cards, the reading ended with the Five of Cups, which speaks to loss.  I was initially upset because I thought it meant that even in spite of the general contentment of the reading, things would end poorly.  So I asked the cards for clarification, and the Three of Cups showed up.  I think ultimately this means that things will be great, but I’ll need to work on healing old wounds in order to truly enjoy it.

I’m glad the snow day got me in front of my cards. I’m looking forward to having fun in the months ahead.

New vision board


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I’m in the process of developing my new vision board.  I don’t have a religious background, but there’s a passage from the Book of Revelation that I gender swapped and it serves as the new centerpiece for my board.


I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to make a lot of new things happen, and I watch this clip whenever I’m feeling down.  Wonder Woman has been a hero of mine since I watched the show starring Lynda Carter, and this animated piece warms my heart:


Tarot in tough times


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Today I got some sad news about an art fair I was hoping to get into, so I immediately asked the tarot ,”Will I be okay?” okay.JPG

And thankfully I got a little bit of reassurance.  The Ace of Swords is a great card for fortitude in the face of tough times.  It lets me know that I can survive the challenges if I face them with courage.  Justice lets me know that I need to take care of past affairs, face my previous mistakes, and make changes if I want things to be different.  Three of Cups offers an indication of seeking support or offering help to a community, while the 5 of Triax affirms that things are in balance (even if they don’t feel like it now).

Overall, I think it was a good spread.  Considering that I was expecting to see a lot of negative pentacles/disks cards, I think I just need to keep calm, keep working, and it’s all going to work out fine.